Hey there, I'm Bri! 

Currently, I'm located in Cincinnati, Ohio and I'm attending the University of Cincinnati's College of Design, Architecture, Art and Planning(DAAP) for my bachelors in Fine Arts, in addition to a minor in Art History. Within my Fine Arts degree my focuses is in photography backed with 6 years in the photography field.

I find my inspiration through traveling. Through the adventure and thrill that comes from finding new places. I thrive off of finding that perfect spot that then leads to that perfect photo. Documenting what is around me is my passion, showing people the places or viewpoints that they otherwise wouldn’t see.

As I previously said, seeking out new adventures is always on the top of my list, whether it be spontaneous trips or professional opportunities that expand and broaden my skills, I never back away from new and exciting opportunities. When I'm not in school my hobbies include traveling, finding hole in the wall coffee shops, exploring flea markets or antique stores for hidden treasures, and taking photos for my personal freelance photography business, Balsam Hills Co.