California | 35mm

I finally migrated my way back into 35mm film photography on my California trip and I honestly don't know why it took me so long. A month later, I finally sent the roll in to get developed and the digital files are back - I honestly don't ever want to go back to digital. 

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It's been a while, so I feel it's only right that we start with a little life update. As you can probably tell, I did a lot of traveling this summer (I was hardly home!), which sparked a love for traveling that I had no idea would grow as much as it did. Starting the summer out with a 2 week camping/road trip was life changing and really put what I wanted to be doing and truly loved into perspective.  

As I've said before, traveling is something I thrive on, it's makes me feel so alive and awake. Getting out and seeing all the the things that the world has to offer, is something that cant' be describe and I would've change that feeling for the world. 

So, fast forward to this semester, which has been crazy to say the least. With co-op starting next semester I've been constantly planning and trying to decide what I wanted to take on for a semester. Since, it's a new program (and since DAAP doesn't exactly appreciate lifestyle/travel photography) - there weren't many co-op options that involved the type of photography that I want to eventually have a full time job in and it was frustrating beyond belief.  During one of our meeting's regarding co-op my advisor informed us that DAAP had decided to allow a travel semester count as your co-op if it was beneficial to your practice and you better believe that I jumped right on that opportunity. 

"you better believe that I jumped right on that opportunity." 


This fall during my fall break, I went on a mini road trip out west that was unplanned (read more here: California) and it was honestly one of the best experiences I've ever had and I knew immediately that was the direction I was going to go with next semester.

I instantly got in contact with one of my life long best friends, Mel, to see what she was doing next January - May; she said nothing and the planning began. 

So what's up next? A four month road trip in the west accompanied by a blog called Planted on the Road ( Within the last 6 months, Mel and I have both transitioned into a vegan lifestyle and are working toward living a minimal lifestyle (minimal waste too!), so we figured why not blog about our experience's of living on the road for four months while being vegan + minimalists?!

"Mel and I are getting in my Forester on January 1st and heading to the Appalachian Trail for 13 days, then out west for 3 and a half more months."

Now, since it is counting for school credit - I do have to have something to show that comes out of it - so I'm filming a 15 min (ish) documentary focused on the west, a shorter documentary focusing on the people who travel for a living, and Mel and I are going to be vlogging doing mini stories twice a week. 

I'm so excited for this adventure of a lifetime that I'm getting to do with one of my best friends in the world - and if you're exciged too be sure to keep up with us at & our instagram is @plantedontheroad.

Much love,




Recently, I've realized that the part of lifestyle photography that I love so much is the ability to tell stories through photos. Anybody can pick up a camera and take a nice photo these days, but taking a photo (or a series of photos) that tell a story isn't as easy. 

I've always prided myself in doing photo shoots unposed - but within the last 6 months or so - I've really gotten into the "just hanging out and snapping photos" vibe - which then led me to think why don't I teach myself video? 

It's a huge skill to learn and it's not be any means easy - but the emotions and feelings that you can pull away from video are indescribable.  

I'm going on a road trip next semester (keep an eye out for my next blog post explaining that!), and I happen to be going to a spot that my grandma and grandpa had went on one of their road trips. That news led my grandma to being so excited and telling me she had photos of them there and we had to find them. 

Little did I know, she had a huge box of 100's of photos that we had to look through to find them (they ended up being in a different photo album! lol).


Traveling is my thing. It's something I prioritize and anytime I have the chance to get away from Cincinnati I jump on it. 

This past summer, one of my best friend in the entire world moved to Salt Lake City and almost instantly I decided I was going to fly out to see her on my fall break. Though, unlike how I normally go about most of my trips - this one was 99.9% unplanned. The only thing we had planned was I flew into Vegas on October 6th, I flew back on the 12th and we wanted to go to Yosemite; and honestly that was the best "plan" ever. 

We ended up spending a day in Yosemite and then spontaneously driving to the coast and spending the next 4 days driving the coast and relaxing and it was honestly one of the best trips I've ever been on. 

If you're ever questioning taking a spontaneous trip - the answer should always be yes.  

Golden Hour

Golden Hour - every photographer's favorite time of the day. Which is true for me 90% of the time, sometimes golden hour is just that - other times I have no desire to shoot at that time of  day. This time - that was not the case.

Recently, I've been in a serious inspiration rut. Not so much personally, but with school. Trying to figure out how I want to present my work for these next two years has been a huge hurtle for me.

That being said, sitting in my bedroom after a long phone call with my mom and a lot of stress crying - I decided I'm going to pick my film camera back up. After two days, that instantly brought back my love for both film and working with my digital in different ways. Focusing more so on light and shadows, and post-production. 

Luckily, I have two amazing best friends - who never say no when I ask them to go shoot photos with me and deal with my bossiness. They're both pretty cool artist as well, you should check them out -

The results - may be some of my favorite photos I've done in quite a while.